File Preparation for Printing:

The ideal file for printing is:

†††† - an uncompressed TIF file

†††† - 200 pixels per inch at the final print size

†††† - saved in either 24 bit or 48bit RGB color

†††† - saved in Adobe RGB (1998) color space

We can work with a wide variety of file types and applications, but eventually all images will need to be made into a bit mapped file (like a TIF file) when they are sent to a printer.†

If you have any questions about what type of file to send, please give us a call so that we can work together to get the best file possible for the highest quality possible.†

Call 616-304-1802


Pricing:† Printing

We print to three basic types of media:† Canvas, Art Paper, and Photo Media

†††† - Prices can vary depending on the complexity of the printing project.† The best prices will be for printing from ready to print TIF files as described above.† We charge by the square foot of media printed.† Pricing begins as follows:

†† - Hahnemuehle Smooth Fine Art Paperó$10.00 / sq ft

†† - Canvas (includes† UV coating)† - $12.00 / sq ft

†† - Satin Photo paper† -† $ 7.00† / sq ft

Please call for more information about pricing your specific project .† Pricing can vary depending on† many factors including file preparation,† proofs for color accuracy, special trimming, or† unusual sizes.†


Pricing:† Scanning

The minimum scan charge is $30.00 for an image size up to 3 sq ft.† For larger pieces (larger than 3 sq ft) we charge $8.00 sq ft.†† This will be a 24 bit color scan at 300 ppi at the original document size, scanned into Adobe RGB (1998) color space.†

Please give us a call regarding specific needs for your project and† for more precise specifications and† pricing for your project.†